You only get one time to invest in yourself today and that time is now. For less than the cost of annual maintenance on most automobile vehicles, in consulting sessions you will learn to focus on the most important vehicle in life- you! – Katherine Brown

Other packages and pricing options are available. If you are not sure which package meets your needs but know that today is the day you’re ready to take yourself or your organization to the next level, select the brainstorming session. We will work together to identify what is best for you.

Package A — Individual Vision Session
In this one hour session you will develop an action plan and begin to takes steps to identify goals and strategies for the success that you desire in life. How do you align with your organization goals and be true to yourself?

Package B — Professional Coaching and Mentoring
Sometimes you need an accountability partner to guide you. In these sessions we will set goals and work in subsequent sessions to measure your progress.

Session are in one hour increments and must be used within 60 days to ensure that we keep you on track with your goals

Package C — For Community Groups (civic /social/ non profit/ mentor programs)
Where is your group going?
Is morale down? Are meetings dragging on with nothing accomplished? Is the leadership frustrated with members while members are frustrated with leaders? You name it, we have probably heard it. You are not alone. In this intense customized session we will work through strategies to inspire your group to excellence.

Package D — Faith Based Health Initiatives

In our powerful session “resuscitating your health ministry ” we discuss how to have a meaningful impact in your community.
Do you have a shared vision that aligns with the ministry?Is there a sense of mutual trust?
Do you use your skills as a team to complement each other?
When you are in alignment morale with increase and the team can work cohesively.